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                Sometimes, the smallest gardens offer the greatest growth.

                Become a future MSVU student

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                The Mount offers a variety of distinctive and well-respected programs in arts, science, education and professional studies.

                Things we're excited about

                MSVU Strategic Planning

                Stay up-to-date on the strategic planning process and provide feedback. 

                PACE: Free physical movement program for children

                Program runs every Friday from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. between January 31 - April 17, 2020.

                MSVU Career Day: Jan 21, 2020

                Learn about career planning and options, networking, financial planning, and more! 

                Athletics, Fitness & Campus Recreation

                Learn more about:

                Athletics - Mount Mystics

                Mount Fitness Centre & Campus Recreation


                Alumni & Donors

                Stay connected with the Mount and support future students.

                Donate today


                Employment & Careers

                Current academic & administrative career opportunities, info on hiring a co-op student or intern, Career Services, and more.